Module admin page hangs with an empty box

I signed up for a hosted server with including FreePBX 2.5.2. Module Admin said there were upgrades and additional modules to be installed, in particular I need the Follow-Me and Ring Groups modules (seems like those should be default, but anyway…).

Tried to upgrade/install from the Web page, failed with permissions errors. After some searching, decided to install 2.7 manually - downloaded untarred and ran install_amp. Initially the Web app couldn’t connect to Asterisk, I had to manually update the Manager password. The web page now shows the 2.7 modules installed rather than 2.5.2 and shows a new set of available updates and still shows lots of additional modules to install incl Follow-Me and Ring Groups. Whenever I try to do anything in that area, once I hit the “Process” button I get an empty square box in the middle of the page and a hang:

  • in IE8, it says it can’t display the web page and everything is grayed out, all I can do is close that tab of the browser.
  • in Firefox, it the empty square box is orange, I get no messages, nothing happens, again all I can do is close the tab.

After closing and going back into the Web admin page, it’s clear that nothing additional was installed/upgraded or whatever.

Normal configuration management functions (e.g. changes to an extension) work fine from the Web GUI, it’s just the Module Admin function that’s broken.

The environment is FreeBSD 7.2 / Asterisk 1.4.