Module admin modules missing after upgrade

Hi there,

I decided to upgrade a freepbx vm from 2.11 to 12 today and all appeared to go smoothly. All modules were up to date, all the latest package updates applied and everything looked fine for the upgrade. But after the upgrade process all the modules are now missing from module admin. I have only two modules listed FreePBX framework (enabled) and System Admin. I’ve attempted to check on line but nothing happens but when looking at FreePBX system status it tells me 34 modules are available for upgrade.
I’m hoping that fixing this problem will allow me to updated all these modules as well as the 4 vulnerable modules I have listed as well.

I’ve searched the forum but can’t seem to find this problem anywhere. Can someone please shed some light on the problem.

Problem solved as after updating the commercial system admin module. No idea why as we do not use the commercial system admin. I then had an an option to upgrade the core to 12.0.76.

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