Module admin- line is red, but says it's up to date?

What does it mean when you run the check online updates in Module Admin and an item comes up highlighted in red but the text says “Enabled and up to date”? The module in question is FreePBX Framework. I did a force download and install and it’s now looking normal. Just wanted to understand what happened.

In a similar question, if I’ve always done updates via the check online button, how can I have a different module that says "Newer than online version ( Module is Call Recording.

I’m running with Astrisk 13.18.5

You’re probably experiencing this problem:

I haven’t gotten that warning however when attempting to do module updates today I’ve had two exception errors come up asking me to submit a report (which I did). I’m not updating the modules one at a time.

Have now finished updates. All modules updated when I did them one at a time. I also did a yum update to the system as I got a warning that items were out of date when I logged into the system to get my Asterisk version from a command prompt. Yes, I see there’s an Asterisk Info button now but I’d forgotten. I see I now have a few modules saying I have a newer version than the online version so Yum update must be installing newer files than module admin.

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