Module Admin - Fatal Error

I did a Module update a few days ago on both our primary and secondary and since then I have had the following fatal error emailed to me every night and I can’t access Module Administration on the secondary anymore. The primary is still working fine.

I did not do anything different apart from update the modules through the GUI

Any advice appreciated

no repos specified, using:
[standard,extended,unsupported] from last GUI settings

[FATAL] INSERT INTO module_xml (id,time,data) VALUES
(‘installid’,1415825043,‘c867aeea6d9eb3574a60d74077d39f91’) [nativecode=1062 **
Duplicate entry ‘installid’ for key ‘PRIMARY’]SQL -
module_xml (id,time,data) VALUES

Trace Back:


module_xml (id,time,data) VALUES (‘installid’,1415825043,‘c867aeea6d9eb3574a60d74077d39f91’)
[nativecode=1062 ** Duplicate entry ‘installid’ for key ‘PRIMARY’]SQL - INSERT INTO module_xml (id,time,data) VALUES


module_xml (id,time,data) VALUES



/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin:732 showList()

Have you updated all modules??

Strange…I’ve done nothing and it’s now working.

Not sure what happened. All I did at the time was ‘Check for Updates’ then update all and apply.

I’ll keep an eye on it and will report back if it happens again.

It’s doing it again!

I’ve not touched the server in days and have received an email from cron from last nights update checker with the same fatal error.

I’ve gone to the page Admin > Module Admin which loads fine but when I check for updates it throws the error. If I refresh the page and try again it’s fine so this is what must have happened the last time.

My guess that although its working now it will probably throw the error again in a few days

Al modules are uptodate

Is there anything I can try?

The only thing I can think of (and again I’ve not changed anything) is that the secondary (which has th eproblem) takes a backup and restore from the primary using the backup & restore module, perhaps this is somehow duplicating the installid between the two servers? - Checking the page first time throws the error however refreshing fixes itself but after tonights backup/sync it will probably be back to square one again?

I’m running 64-bit Asterisk 11


Just checked Module Admin on the secondary and the Fatal error is back however before I did I looked at the module_xml table on the secondary database and noticed that the installid was identical to the primary. When the fatal error appears the ID is changed in the database to the one in the error. Refreshing again and it’s all fine (until the backup/restore runs again tonight)

Is it safe to exclude module_xml from the backup/restore as there’s other data in here that might give an issue if it’s not syn’d correctly.

a recent update seemed to have caused this. It only started about a week ago after an update.

If you reported a bug I’m sure someone could fix it for you