Module Admin - Blank Status Box

Hello, I am having an issue that I hoping someone can help me with or point me in the right direction. Almost every time I attempt do a module update from the GUI (Admin->Module Admin), the status box will go blank after it updates a few modules. I attached a screenshot of what it looks like. Does anyone have any idea why this happens & how can I fix it? It’s annoying because I have no idea if the updates are finished. I don’t just want to close the Status box if it’s still upgrading modules in the background.

Also, sometimes the web browser will pop up a message asking me if I want to exit page or Wait for it to finish. Not sure if both of these things are related or not, but I would like to stop both from happening if possible. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

  1. Try a different browser

  2. If it persists, you can have Sangoma look into this with a bug report, if you believe it to be a bug.

  1. In the interim you can update Freepbx from the command line to be able to see the progress.

I’ve already tried Chrome & Edge, same thing. I’ve resorted to using the command line for now but I would rather not.

I might just have to open a bug report like you suggested because it doesn’t seem like anyone is having this issue but me. All the searches I’ve done are coming up empty. Thank you!