Modifying openssl.cnf for md5 instead of sha256 not working

I’m using a bunch of Yealink phones that do not support sha256 and I’m trying to get the VPN to work on them. I found some articles that seem helpful, and they are directing me to modify openssl.cnf to change default_md to be ‘md5’ instead. When I download the VPN Client Configuration from the UCP the client.crt file is still using sha256.

Should I be doing something to regenerate the client configuration zip?

I’m modifying /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf, is that possibly not the correct file? I also see openssl.cnf deep in /var/www/html

This first article is my basis and it’s what i’m using to modify the client configuration to the format required by the yealink phones
FreePBX VPN With Yealink Phones: FreePBX VPN with Yealink phones

This second article is referenced by the first and is how i’m trying to modify openssl.cnf

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