Modifying GUI

I have added FOP2 to my 1.8 installation. To access FOP2, I need to open another browser window with a command something like http://x.x.x.x/fop2. How can I activate this from the GUI, in a similar manner to the User Panel button? I understand that I need to modify /etc/asterisk/freepbx_menu.conf to create a new menu category, but what do I need to so that I can create a menu item that will open the FOP2?


Thanks Bryan was answering from my tablet, been laid up with some type of flu and was too lazy to VPN into a system to look.

Now that I know how to define the location of FOP2, how can I add it to the navigation menu, in manner similar to the User Panel menu item, or as a member of another menu list, such as Favorites? And as part of this story, why do we still have “FreePBX FOP Framework” in the list of modules in Admin/Module Admin? How can I remove it so that user doesn’t damage FOP2 by installing old FOP?

What is a 1.8 installation?

What version FreePBX?

If it is newer version with advanced settings just put in the URL

The version that I have installed is the lastest stable FreePBX Distro - 1.816.210.58 dated 9/16/12. Asterisk is and FreePBX is 2.10.0-28

Not sure what you mean, SkykingOH when you say “just put in the URL”

In advanced settings you can set the URL for the FOP button.

I’m not sure where you’re talking about either. I’m running I go to settings->Advanced settings

I see a place to enter the FOP password and sort Mode but I don’t see a place to enter a URL. Everything appears to be for the old FOP, not FOP2

I do have a menu called other that has FOP2 settings but I don’t remember how I got it there.

In order to see FOPWEBROOT in Advanced Settings you need to ensure Display Read Only Settings is set to True and if your making changes you need to do the same for Override Read Only Settings.

this gives you how to do all and what to modify.
I have done successfully for a few systems now and always refernce back to this post.