Modify incoming destination using CID Superfecta modified name

i’ve been palying with the CID Superfecta Module - and i’ve got it working - in that it looks up the CID, and where avaialble changes the name, and the call passes to a ring group, where the phones display the modified name, and the original CID.

thats great - but what i am now trying to do - is send calls where the CID Lookup, has changed the name to SPAM - directly to a mailbox, but i think i’m missing a step.

I thought i needed a second incoming route - but the CID field can’t contain the name SPAM ?

Theres obviously a simple step that i’ve overlooked !

There are configuration options in Superfecta that allow you to set an alternate destination for SPAM identified calls. I have a vague recollection that this feature is buggy, but I can’t recall exact details. In any case give it a try and see how it works.

That makes sense - i’ve just found it - had to scroll down a bit !
Just need to add a number as spam, so i can test it now.