Modifing freepbx configuration files

is it possible to configure freepbx using the config files like play asterisk ? as i find manually programing the dialplan etc is much flexible.
where are the files for pjsip extensions ? ivrs ? time conditions/time groups? queues ? etc if manual configuration possible.

All are in /etc/asterisk/ but don’t do it, you are as yet ‘way out of your depth’ spend a few hours in the wiki first

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You could just setup a distribution and install asterisk standalone. I wouldn’t go with FreePBX if you want to manually manage asterisk and the configuration files.

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I need some custom queue conifgurations and do not find the gui to be that nuch flexible.
is it possible to have some things done like in asterisk files and have freepbx use it … not concerned with those seeing those in the gui.

You can make modifications in the Admin → Config Edit module but you’ll have to know where and why you are making changes that you are making.

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