Modified Endpoint manager from trixbox on freepbx


I have modified the endpoint manager from trixbox into freepbx to add:
Global IP setting for SNTP and PBX IPs
Global Web username and password for most models
Global VLAN settings and provision server type.
The ability to change feature codes from default, and update endpoint config to match.

Full button provisioning for the following phones:
Aastra - fixed all models and added Lines and Expansion Buttons

Polycom - added all models with the use of enhanced feature keys, lines and directory with BLF.

Snom - not much updated but time settings.

Cisco - added all models from 7940-7975 with programming off auto answer, speeddials, and line keys.

Cisco SPA - added most models including PAP2T, 2102-8000, 3XX, 5XX, 9XX, WIP310. Can program autodial on ATAs, and all lines, blfs, and expansion keys appropriate models.

Grandstream - added most models including 286,486,50X,20X,28X,1200,2XXX. Can program autodial on ATAs, and all lines, blfs, and expansion keys appropriate models.

The download is over 250MB because it includes phone firmwares:

I modified this module to provide improvements, and hope that this module can be ported to Freepbx.

The one main drawback of this module is that it is SLOW at the start.
I didn’t build the module, and this is my first time with php/mysql.
The reason for the slowness is that the forms all get preloaded before the mod is fully functional.
Hopefully someone can pick up where I left off and improve this.

In order to add this in you must be running php5.2.
Here is how to add php5.2:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

rpm --import
yum -y --enablerepo=c5-testing install php

service httpd restart



FreePBX is already writing an in house Endpoint Manager that is around 150kb and supports all of the phones you have listed.

It would be great to have your help on that project.

Also the legality of including firmware in a package is questionable.

Also wanted to add. End Users won’t be able to install this module as PHP has an upload limit of 20 or so mb. They’d need to change their php.ini file to accept 250mb uploads.


please have a look at the endpoint manager that is in the contributed_modules repository as that is the planned direction and a lot of work has been going into it.

It will be moved into the main 2.9 repository and be part of the core of FreePBX, we’re just a bit behind right now (summer vacations and all…)


I just installed this module (after upgrading php) and I see nothing on the FreePBX GUI. Is there another webpage that must be used ?

I’d just like to point out for everyone’s sake that I encourage this module and all future modules from any developers. If my responses came off a harsh it’s because I don’t want users to be confused as to why a module won’t work when they try to upload it to FreePBX because FreePBX returns to the home page because one can’t upload a 250mb module.

Also I don’t know how happy the guys at Trixbox would be to find out that this was merged. Why? Because they wrote it and there is no open source license attached to it.

I’m just trying to point out that I was also writing a module and have been for a long time. Anyone who wants to improve it is welcome too and I encourage all user input.

That’s all.

How about some detailed instructions on how to get and install your module.


Who is your question in reference to?

It was to you tm1000.

Here is some detailed information about the upcoming FreePBX Endpoint Manager Module:

You can download an older version (it does not look the same as the article I linked to above) here:

Hi Gil,

I have struggled through the process of getting the endpoint manager to install.

I got php 5.2 installed - thanks for your instructions they were helpful. I eventually got Fileinfo to work via pear updates and installs. This got rid of a bunch of error messages in the log files.

When I first tried uploading, the web page would refresh to the home page for freepbx without and error and due to other errors (fileinfo mismatch) I could not see the actual problems (file size, post size and timeout) in the error logs.

After changing httpd.conf, freepbx.cong and php.ini to allow for enough memory, post size, file upload size and then enough processing time I was able to get the module to install.

Now it Endpoint Manager shows up in the Tools/Basic list - but when I click on it I get the following error:

Appcelerator Processing Error:
Element [body] with ID: app_body has an error:
message: ‘1’ is null or not an object, location: undefined
compiling “on” attribute for element app_body

While I know php and js pretty well, after looking into this for a bit I thought I should ask as I do not know piddly-squat about Appcelerator or Kohana.

I see that others are having similar problems. Can you point me/us towards a solution?

FYI I am using FreePBX and all modules in use are up to date and yum reports all system software is up to date as well (Centos5 + php5.2).

I appreciate your or anyone else’s help!



I meant it’s not in the online repository that you can check through FreePBX. It is part of FreePBX I just have to wait for Philippe to add it into the update system

For now you can download it here:

and upload it into your version of FreePBX

Also EPM works with FreePBX v 2.5+

So if AsteriskNOW 1.7 uses 2.5 then you are good to go.

Appreciate the quick replies

AsterskNOW 1.7 uses Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX 2.8 (once you update to it)

I have not previously installed any add-ons to asterisk other than via the Module admin

Do I go to the asterisk directory and wget/install the tar file the above link takes me to?

Any chance you could provide explicit instructions for installing outside the Module admin?


Just click “Upload module” in “Module Administration”

No need to wget or go into ssh/ftp

If that wasn’t enough help then feel free to reply back


Hi Ramblin,

It’s out of beta now as we speak. It’s just not officially in the FreePBX online module system (it’s in the third-party part).

Right now if your phone registers and is all good to go with your own files I don’t think you’ll need Endpoint Manager. If you had a 30 phone install that you needed to get done in an hour then Endpoint Manager becomes very useful as you won’t have to create 30 different mac files (yikes!)

As things progress with Endpoint Manager and the Provisioner project you’ll eventually be able to edit 90% of the settings of the phone right from within EPM. Furthermore you’ll be able to upload an image to EPM and assign that image to different phones and using PHP we will resize that photo to fit the phones it needs to go on. Cool things like that are in the works.

Furthermore if you had to rename a phone it’s very nice to be able to click ‘rebuild all phones’ in EPM and see your phones update their names instantly.

Also, as is with Trixbox, you can also edit the speed dials and turn them into BLFs, etc.

I looked in the Module Admin and selected “Extended Repository”, which did bring up several 3rd Party Modules, but not Endpoint Manager.

I have the AsteriskNOW (1.7) install of FreePBX and Asterisk. Any chance the Endpoint Manager is not yet deemed compatible with that? If not, how do I make it show up in the Module Admin?



Do you have an ETA on when your endpoint manager will be available in non-beta form for Aastra phones?

If I already have the Aastra
files in my tftp folder, is there anything more that an endpoint manager will do for me (any other points of config I need to worry about)?

I was on trixbox but am moving to AsteriskNOW so have all the above but do not know if there is a hook somewhere else that I am missing.


A new version of Endpoint Manager has been released.

Get it here: