Mobile voip

hi everyone

I have run a IPBX system on trixbox ce and I want to use mobile phone in it. can i use mobile phone ( for example nokia 5800 or HTC windows mobile) ?what mobile softphone should i use?thanks in advance

Not sure what you’d use for Windows Mobile. There is SipDroid for the Android phones and it works pretty good.

You might also check out Fring.

thanks but how can i config for example one extension name 7000 with nokia5800 with my ippbx system? thanks in advance

to use VoIP with Nokia you need to download and install the Nokia SIP settings first. In Android use csipsimple not sipagent or sipdroid.

Other alternatives would be Skype Lite, Fring or SIPAgent.

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Media5 Mobile SIP for Andriod works really really well.
Easy to setup. I use this and can carry on a convo over 3g and 4g.
No Jitter either.

There is very little to offer with a Windows Mobile Phone.
I-Phone (3g/4g /I-Pod Touch WiFi) has quite a few apps as well.