Mobile SIM with FreePBX

Can we attached our mobile sim with free pbx for trunnk. Is there any device any adapter to connect SIM with freePBX, If there is any device plz let me know about SIM adapter company because i need to attached my sim with freepbx only one sim supportable device i need.

See the FreePBX Certified W400E Sangoma GSM card


You can find it on Ebay

Is there any more company who is cheap from it because i need only 1 SIM device for personal use.

Openvox - The best cheap Chinese mfgrd. telco and GSM stuff

Looks like you can get the Sangoma Single GSM module card for $420 retail.

Why not use one of the compatible dongles in conjunction with chan_dongle? By far the cheapest solution for simple 1sim gateway he wants.

Hi dziny
can you suggest me more about chan_dongle, from which web site i can purchase it and configuration in FreePbx.

chan_dongle is free, provided you compile it yourself. The main wiki website for it is which will tell you what types of dongles are compatible. The integration with freepbx is simple and is described in the other thread you posted. There is a patch available that allows integration with asterisk 11, not just 1.8 or 1.6. Just google for chan_dongle and asterisk 11. Basically, what you need are some basic Linux skills and not much more.

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