Mobile number redirection from trunk doesn't work correctly

I want all incoming calls to a trunk to be redirected to a mobile number, for this I have created a misc destination with the mobile number. I have configured it in the pbx so that the inbound routes of that trunk go to the misc destination and the call is made but nothing is heard in both directions, tha. Can you help me know why? Thank you,

This is a classic symptom of router misconfiguration. You must port forward the full RTP range (10000-20000 by default) to the PBX.

I have forward UPD and TCP ports to the PBX and it and I have the same, no audio in both directions, anything that could I try more? thanks

Then you’re forwarding rules are not working.

The band-aid is to answer the call and play an announcement before forwarding to the pstn.

You can work around the problem by having Asterisk send some audio to the caller prior to forwarding.

One method is Incoming Route -> Announcement -> Misc Destination. The Announcement could be a dummy e.g. 1/2 second of silence, or it could say something like “please wait while your call is connected.”

Another option is instead of a Misc Destination, use a Ring Group with just the mobile number followed by #. Then, turn on Music on Hold for that ring group.

Or, you could troubleshoot the problem. What kind of firewall do you have? Does it get a public IP address on the WAN side? In Asterisk SIP Settings, is External Address properly set?

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