Mobile Handset Recommendations?

I have been very pleased with my experiences implementing FreePBX/Asterisk 13, in an effort to replace our pricey cloud-hosted VoIP service with an in-house PABX and SIP trunking. For huge cost savings we will be able to implement features above and beyond what we subscribed to with our third-party service provider.

That being said, two exciting features I’m testing out include video calls and text messaging. I have both functioning using softphones and I’m in the process of scoping out phone hardware to test these features out as well.

Can anyone recommend a mobile handset that supports text messaging? I have a Yealink W52P mobile handset that works well, and I like the auto-provisioning feature. Similar to what I have in place for our Polycom SoundPoint IP phones. But I don’t see a Yealink mobile handset that supports text messaging.

Ideally I’d like to deploy a smaller mobile handset similar to the old flip cell phones, that would support two-way text messaging. Please let me know if anyone has experience and/or recommendations along those lines. :slight_smile:


I have zero to do with this vendor, but I did find what appears to be a small form factor mobile SIP handset solution. Described on AliExpress as “Small Mini Student Android Smart Slim Mobile Phone MTK6572 Dual Core 2.0MP Dual SIM Dual Standby Unlocked Pocket For Lady P117.” Definitely not promoting anything but this hopefully will be an acceptable solution for what I’m looking for.

There are a few decent Android VoIP softphone apps out there that should work. Once I receive the item I will test it out and can reply to this thread if anyone is interested in the outcome.

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Brief follow-up. Loading up the CSipSimple app onto the phone provides me a decent mobile solution in a small form factor. So far so good. Battery life might be a concern, but otherwise the phone’s features work great. Two-way SIP messaging, inbound/outbound calls, etc. So far so good!

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