Mobile App suited for FreePBX & Error


We attempted to put an app on an iphone that would connect to FreePBX. We were successful in getting it to connect, however, we made one phone call and after that it wasn’t able to connect back to freepbx and we got the error message, ‘unable to reach server’.

Where do i being to troubleshoot this?

The App we used was the Media5-VoIP; and also 3CX, (we were not able to connect at all with the 3CX) app. can anyone recommend a free app that we can use?



What does mean “connect to FreePBX”? You need voip-phone app to make calls via your pbx?

THose are both softphones for mobile platforms.

You have to open your network cleanly to your mobile providers network.

I would try very nicely, sending a note to engineering, mention it is for security, and get the providers public IP ranges.

Only allow traffic in from those addresses.

Some providers block VoIp

Even on it’s based day 4G has too much latency and jitter for consistent or even usable performance. It’s OK on wifi when wifi is on local LAN

I find the best performance and the longest battery life is gained with tcp with an extended jitter buffer and NOT the default udp for connections.