MixMonitor remains enabled even "Recording Options" are disabled


I am using FreePBX, I have disabled the “Recording Options” on
all extension but MixMonitor is still running.

Please let me know what could be the issue

if the issue exists on 2.7 then file a bug. Version 2.5 is no longer supported.

I vaguely recall that there may have been a bug where the option was being set opposite of what is should. However, per above, it won’t be fixed in 2.5 if that is the case but it was likely fixed in a supported version of FreePBX.

I upgraded FreePBX to 2.7 but still the issue is present.
Just to confirm that it is a bug and not a problem with my setup I have explained the issue as below.

I am using Skype for Asterisk in my server.
I created a “ring groups” and in my extension list I have placed an extension [01] (recording enabled) and a cell phone number,
“destination if no answer” is set to voicemail.

If the call is not picked up by the extension [01] or the cell phone the call gets disconnected just before it reaches voicemail but if I add another extension [02] (recording disabled) just after the cell phone in my extension list, then the call reaches voicemail and the IVR menu is played. The MixMonitor remains enabled unless the call is transfered to extension [02].

Anyone else having the same problem ?