Mitel Phones not getting updated time from Daylight Savings Time

As you all know DST has come into effect and I am having an issue where phones are not updating to the proper time. The FreePBX server has the correct time but this time is not reflected on any phones.

Is there something I am missing? Any help is appreciated.

missing the fact the phones source for time can be different that the PBX’s

i think the answer is going to lie in the phones config … what are they using as a time source and what offset is being applied and is that offset correct

The phone config uses 0 us pool ntp org as the primary time server. And the offset in the config is correct too, it is set for Eastern Time. Daylight Savings Time is also enabled for the phone config.

I saved and rebuilt the config rebooted the phone and still has the incorrect time. However, if I go into the phone settings itself I am able to turn Daylight settings off and then switch to automatic it displays the correct time.

we are having the same exact problem…it has never been this way before now and it only affects some phones …all are running the latest endpoint manager firmware and have had no problems for years. We did find that if we change the firmware to any of the newer ones manually or doing a custom firmware it seems to work but it doesn’t explain why it would all of the sudden be an issue for some phones and not others even though they are all running the same firmware.

hey Chris see my comments… can you test on your lab phone…anything you can suggest?

I see the same thing you are as well wolf. This hasn’t happened previously and it is also only affecting some phones but the majority are not getting the time update.

All phones in our environment are Mitel 6867i

same here and we have thousands of them…

We use 6867i as well with the same issues. We are able to replicate this, and resolve this. To resolve this, we upgraded to firmware 5… To replicate this, we downgraded back to 4.x.x.2023.

Not sure about Mitels, but I had an issue with 1 system NOT pulling the time at all from I ended up changing the Primary Time Server in EPM to point to the IP of the PBX, its a workaround but it worked! These were Polycom phones, which is the SNTP Server setting on the phone.

I spoke to Mitel tech support on the phone. Their answer is to upgrade to firmware 5+. There was a bug in 2023.

Update: I upgraded to with atleast one phone and it corrected the time.

I will be testing this on a couple other phones just to check. I’ll be back with the outcome

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