Mitel / Aastra phones 1 hour ahead, a week before DST happens

Hello all, Daylight savings time kicks in next week. Well my clients came in this weekend to find it happened a week early. It only seems to be done on Mitel / Aastra phones, and they range from firmware models, 4x and 5x. Any idea why this might be happening? I reached out to Mitel and they said they have not had any complaints from anyone else, which tells me maybe its a Mitel / Endpoint Manager / FreePBX issue.

The system itself has the correct time. Its all configured for DST and my time zone is EST. Rebooting it resolves the issue BUT we have 40 hosted clients, and over 400 handsets, and I cant verify which phone has the incorrect time unless it has the screenshot option on the model. Thanks

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