Mitel/Aastra DHCP Option 159 Help - Config server Credentials


Can anyone guide me in the right direction here.

I’m attempting to lock down the config server. Have setup the username/password in Sysadmin > Provisioning Protocols.

My hangup is getting the DHCP option to pass the credtial parameters to the phone on boot up. I can get the phones to provision when there is no credentials using http://servname:84. However I thought by changing it to http://user:pwd@servername:84 in the dhcp options would pass those credentials. It does not. Any clues?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Going on 5 year old memories, but I recall Mitel/Aastra not honoring the creds in option 66 string like that. Might be a question for their support.


Bummer. I’ll track a number down for them and see what I can find.


I’m beginning to think it isn’t possible at all. Looking at the phone GUI there is now where to put in http credentials…only ftp credentials… ugh