Mitel 6869i 50 BLF Maximum


I am setting up a Mitel 6869i phone with 3 M685i expansion modules.
It seems like I cant get the phone to monitor more than 50 extensions with BLFs. The first 50 BLFs are fine but over 50, I see an question mark beside the BLFs.
Is this a limitation ? If yes, how can I change it ?

Firmware of the phone is and FreePBX version is

Well… it seems like is a limit for the phone…
You can stack 3 expansion modules but use a maximum of 50 blfs

This is normal for all phone manufactures. Even Sangoma phones have this limit. The issue is not phone related but the way Asterisk does BLFs. It cant handle more and events get queued and thrown away. In Asterisk 13 with the new BLF Resource List groups this becomes less of a problem but FreePBX has not added support for this yet and only works with PJSIP and requires the phone to support it also.

Thanks for the info.
I’ve read somewhere that Yealink phones with EXP40 modules can have more than 50 BLFs but that performance somewhat degrades.There is a fix in the phone configuration that helps to improve performance (T1 and T2 timers). Can you tell me if FreePBX/Asterisk allows for more than 50 BLFs (even if not recommended) ?

Quick feedback: we went for a Yealink phone to have more BLF available (4 EXP40 modules) but we have some issues with the phone.

Like Tony mentioned to me, too many BLFs will creates problems. I don’t know if it’s related to BLFs but our Yealink T46 keeps going “stone” from time to time. I am currently talking with their support and I’ll give you more information once we find the issue.

I do see some Queued Sip subscriptions in the logs, but I think (or should I say I hope) that the issue with the phone “hanging” is related to a bad firmware.

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