Mitel 6867i compatible with FreePBX?


I wanted to know if the Mitel 6867i is fully compatible with FreePBX, since I wanted to buy it I would like to make sure.

Maxime / MrMaxFR

Technically any phone that allows you to do SIP Registration is “compatible”.

However, there’s features, like BLF which depends on the phone, PhoneApps & Provisioning which depends on FreePBX.

It seems like this model is not supported with Endpoint Manager

thank you very much for your answer

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but I was wondering, is it compulsory to pay 150 € for an End Point Manager license to buy this phone? because it’s very expensive for a phone that is already 200 €: /

If you use Sangoma or Digium phones, it’s free. You don’t have to buy it, as mentioned above, you can register them manually.

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If the device you want to use is not in EPM, then you don’t need to buy EPM.

But you will have to manually setup your phone.

You can do that with provisioning files placed on your FreePBX instance or manually through the phone’s web interface.

It is supported… it’s just still listed under the Aastra name instead of Mitel. EPM is totally worth it if you are going to be making lots of changes to phones.

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Yes, they work on FreePBX. I’m currently using them. Config is easy enough to build with the admin guide.

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