Mitel 5340 Doesn't Connect to New Server IP

I have a Mitel 5340 that was running very well on my FreePBX server, which was located at our studio. I took the server home for a couple of months to fine-tune some things, and I brought some of the phones with me, including the 5340.

Now, when I try to connect the 5340 to the system with the local IP address, the phone does not provision itself. It gets stuck on the DHCP screen. If this helps, the studio’s server IP began with 10.56…, and my home IP, like many others, begins with 192.168…

What I’ve done so far in attempts to remedy this issue:

  • Factory defaulted phone
  • Changed IP parameters in the phone to server info (which fixed a connectivity issue at the studio)
  • Connected phone to different ports on PoE switch

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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