Mitel 5320e phone taking config from endpoint manager but not using it

After configuration of the template and rebuilding the phone configs and asking phone to reboot I see that the phone is fetching MN_Generic.cfg and MN_MACXXXXXXXX and in the Mac file there is information for registration. It downloads the config and applies it but it doesn’t ever register or program the buttons the way that I have them. If I go to the webpage on the phone I can input the user credentials and the phone will register.

I have downloaded the mac template and uploaded it by the upload config on the phone and it takes it just fine and programs the phone. How can I work through this?

Mitel 5320e phone Ver 6.0.5
Freepbx Version
EndPoint Manager

12:03:58 ip-172-31-52-227 in.tftpd[21913]: RRQ from filename MN_Generic.cfg
Mar 8 12:03:58 ip-172-31-52-227 in.tftpd[21914]: RRQ from filename MN_08000F9F13D9.cfg