"mission critical": updating zoip from 0.2.0 to 0

The Zork module was updated from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1, and it seems there are two main changes:
a) for copyright reasons, the zork1.dat gamefile is no longer part of the distribution
b) one can add a game file name in the config, which means one could have multiple gamefiles installed, and switch between them.

a) really is no problem, because the gamefiles are readily available over the internet from the original source.
b) is what I’m after.

I then thought I simply replace the existing zoip module with the new one, but that resulted in freePBX complaining about a broken 0.2.0 module rather than recognizing it as 0.2.1.
So I decided to de-install the 0.2.0 module, and then tried to install the 0.2.1 module according to the manual install description on this page: http://www.aussievoip.com/wiki/index.php?page=freePBX-ZoIP
but freePBX doesn’t see the module, not even if I rename the resulting folder to zoip (from zoip-0.2.1 which is what the install instructions result in)

So while Zork really isn’t at the top of my priorities, I mainly wanted to install it, such that I’d have a test destination for other parts of the system, what does interest me, is what I’m doing wrong, because this might not be the last time that I may try to install a module that’s not in the online repository.

Hints anyone?