Missing white space


I was informed by one of my suppliers that the Server line that’s being added by the pbx is not RFC-compliant. It right now displays as:

Server: FPBX-2.8.1(

but needs to have an additional white-space before the parentheses:

Server: FPBX-2.8.1 (

Is there any way that this can be configured on the pbx or does this need to be a general patch?


P.S. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I’m new to this forum.

What is the RFC number?

You may wish to submit a bug on the right by clicking “Report Bug/Feature”

Though our development team actively participates in the forums their actual work is determined my issues in the issue tracker so that is the place to post them.

As SkykingOH mentioned above please include the RFC and relevant section in your report that you would like compliance with.


I believe they were referring to RFC 3261:
Server = “Server” HCOLON server-val *(LWS server-val)