Missing SIP Header Values

We’ve been working with the folks from Zoho to get the FreePBX CRM package working. They have four fields that they claim are coming back “Null” and they need filled. They couldn’t enunciate with what, but they are sure that’s why the connector is not closing their session or reporting connections to Zoho correctly.

The fields are

  1.   Account=null
  2.   dialingChannel=null
  3.   dialedChannel=null
  4.   linkedChannel=null

Anyone want to take a stab at what settings are missing in either the extension or the SIP trunk to make these “not null”? @tonyclewis - do you have any insight here?

What do you mean get the FreePBX CRM Package working. We don’t use those fields. Our plugin with Zoho is direct and we don’t rely on that. We send call records direct to the CRM when you use our Commercial CRM module. If you truly are having a problem with call records not showing up feel free to open a support ticket under our Commercial module support as you get maint free for your first year after purchase. You sure you are using our CRM and not their own bridge which has its own thread and nothing to do with us.

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I see…

Sorry to have bothered you.

Ok so are you confirming that you are not using our CRM module as your post references it.

Not yet - we were trying to get Zoho module working one last time. We’re giving up and switching to Sangoma’s.

Ok but your thread here referenced issue with CRM module from FreePBX but what you say is missing has nothing to do with our module so I am very confused. All I am asking is what product are you using. Our commercial CRM link module or something from Zoho direct that you need that info for.

The Zoho plugin we know nothing about and never looked at it nor would we as it uses Java AMI stuff that I recall from another thread and not anything we know anything about or would look at.

Fixed - it was a problem with the Zoho Connector, not yours. I didn’t mean to insult you or your product. I apologize.

Ok but now you edited your first post so now my replies look incorrect since you edited out where you stated you were using our commercial module CRM Link.

I have reverted your edit back to how it was to not confuse this thread.

What do you want me to do? You seem to be taking this far more personally than is warranted. I made a mistake. You chewed my ass. I thought you wanted me to fix it. You chew my ass some more? I really don’t know what you want. I told you we are going to use the FreePBX CRM module after the Zoho Team failed yet again to make theirs work. I apologize for the confusion. We’re going to buy yours. Do I need to buy it a couple of times to make up for whatever sin I’ve committed?

What do I need to do to atone for getting confused and asking the question backwards?


This has nothing to do with you buying something. Your a long time user and a great supporter of the project and we love you for that. We all make mistakes. I do daily in life but tens of thousands of people read these threads over the course of time and I just wanted the facts correct here as they were not correct so when users in the future search for things are not confused or go down a wrong path.

I was never trying to chew your ass out but it was hard to get a straight answer when I asked if you were using our Commercial Module or something else so I was trying to clarify that.

Dave don’t listen to @tonyclewis , I’m going to need you to buy the commercial CRM modules a couple of times to atone for your sins… I’ll send you my paypal account. :wink:

Once you get our CRM stuff set up, let’s get on a call, I would love to chat about how it’s working in your environment, and what features of it you will be utilizing.