Missing SDP rtpmap for dynamic payload type

Since Today I am getting this error message, when I try to call a internal or external number.
Version: I use FreePBX
Sangmora Linux 7.0

It started when I wanted to connect a PAP2T-NA.
I try to call to it, for the first 10 minutes it worked. Afther that the connection with the softphone and hard phone does not work anymore. And the only thing I did was adding an extension

Hi D,

I have the same problem with Mizu Droid connecting to FreePBX PJSIP extensions. Incoming calls work fine, no outgoing calls with ‘Missing SDP rtpmap for dynamic payload type’.

When I created a FreePBX SIP extension, it worked fine. Looks like some sort of compatibility issue between MizuDroid and PJSIP extensions.

Hope that helps.


I re-installed the complete server

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