Missing post

replied to a trixbox to freepbx upgrade question and went back and post was there later it was gone, what happened ?

It probably was in conflict with FreePBX Terms of Use. As I recall, it contained a link to a commercial site.

No links that I recall. The subject was another distribution conversion to FreePBX maybe you confused the TX name with a link ? ( Name incomplete as not to have this post deleted too.)

When I served as a site moderator I would PM the author of any post that I was too delete to explain my actions and help them understand “terms of use” / site norms. In the background I would copy the post to a non public section of the forum so that I could review my work if they complained, and restore the post if I had made a mistake.

Sorry if I have been “in conflict with FreePBX Terms of Use” that was not my intent, I was hoping to return the help I received by helping others.

If you wish to promote this behavior to reduce your work maybe you should think before you delete.

If you did not post any link in the text, then I did not delete your post. I only remove posts that contains links to ad sites and what not.

I also block the user posting it. As you was not blocked, then I did not remove anything you posted. It might be a glitch.

Could you please repost?