Missing PHP

Hi out there!

The PHP 5.1.6 on my FreePBX server was to be re-installed through the SSH, so I deleted the installed version, and the SSH disappeared, like if it got a signal to shutdown. Now I’m left with a server without any PHP installed and I wonder if I have to re-install it all over or is there any way to install a PHP version on the server through some program? cmd perhaps? I’m running Windows on my computers, but got a Linux distrobution installed too in case it’s the only way (except re-installing).

I hope the best and cross my fingers.

You need to supply more information. How was the system originally installed? Was it a distro or by hand?

How did you delete the installed version (what command)?

ssh is a way to connect a remote console, not a way to install software so I don’t understand your statement.


To be honest I don’t know that much about it, but with your answer I found out that I can use something named PuTty (or like that) to connect to the SSH, and then use yum install php-* command and confirm it with y and pressing enter. that way I got PHP re-installed.

I used the yum delete php command in order to remove it and wanted to use the yum install php command to install it again, but the ssh disappeared after I used the delete.

Anyway this thread can be locked or closed now (I haven’t learned how to do that on this forum)