Missing modules and FreePBX doesn't want to upgrade / refresh

I am running FreePBX After the last upgrade (several weeks ago), i did not see one single update anymore, FreePBX keeps reporting that there are no newer modules available.

After the upgrade my custom destinations are blocked for further usage and i need to install the custom apps module.

Regretfully this is not in my list of installable updates.

How can i force FreePBX to check and refresh what the latest modules are and re-load the modules list?

I am not running sonicwall or some other filtering proxy / firewall. My installation is CentOS 4, and i didn’t change anything on php or apache settings the last year.

I tried to find the xml file on my system which several posts refer to so i could delete that, hoping that FreePBX will update my module list but i cannot find it.

How can i force FreePBX to check for updates?? I really need my custom apps back