Missing module loop

I seem to have run into a dependency hell. I run FreepPBX 15, and the GUI gave me some errors. In the console, I tried to fix them. At first, the console recommended me to install the core: fwconsole ma install core. But that errors out, since it is missing the voicemail module. Running fwconsole ma install voicemail errors out since it is missing the core module.

To be clear, I haven’t removed any module, or did anything whatsoever here. This machine just errored out from nothing. How can I ‘refresh’ it? Can I even?

SSH into the box and try fwconsole ma upgradeall --force.

Thanks, but that still runs into the missing Voicemail module.

But the --force flag did the trick. I could re-install the core module this way and it seems I’m out of the loop.

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