Missing Module customappsreg

I have several recordings that play in an IVR. You select the three digit tape number and it plays. Each recording was listed in a Custom Apps box. The recordings are in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom directory. I have the custom application in the extensions_custom.config file. A sample is shown at the bottom of the message. There are 251 of these.

With changes to Trixbox v2.4 (FreePBX v2.3), you need to Add Custom Extension. I would enter the Custom Destination (custom-groupbell,t-001,1) and now there is nothing in the drop down menu Destination Quick Pick. It would normally be a list of these recordings but it is now empty.

With the changes in Trixbox v2.6 the module customappsreg is required (I read this on a post). I have not been able to find customappsreg in the list of modules It is not in the list of modules when I check for updates online. It is/was in the list of 49 available modules in the System Status page before any module installed. I have installed all of the modules except the Print Extensions. I have clicked on Tools to see if it is there and I still don’t see customappsreg.

Has the syntax in extensions_custom.conf changed? Is that why the recordings don’t show up in the drop down menu? I commented out the line with Flite because it would hang up the phone line.

I can get it to work again if I can find an old ISO of Trixbox. I still have my backups. I would like to move forward to the latest and greatest.

exten => n2-01,1,Answer
;exten => n2-01,n,Flite(“Last N 2 Carrier Part 1”)
exten => n2-01,n,Playback(custom/preMF)
exten => n2-01,n,ControlPlayback(custom/N2/n2p1,5000,#,*)
exten => n2-01,n,Hangup

exten => t-001,1,answer
;exten => t-001,n,Flite(“How I became a phone freak part 1”)
exten => t-001,n,Playback(custom/preMF)
exten => t-001,n,Playback(custom/p0)
exten => t-001,n,Playback(custom/p0)
exten => t-001,n,Playback(custom/p1)
exten => t-001,n,Playback(custom/oldring1)
exten => t-001,n,ControlPlayback(custom/groupbell/HowBPhreak1HQ,5000,#,*)
exten => t-001,n,Hangup

It’s called Custom Applications under the System Administration section when you check for modules. If you can get to the online repository then you can get to this module. It is there.

I found the solution so I created a page on this.


looks good - if you want me to up your privileges on this site to document that where the Module documentation for that module should be (I don’t think anything is written for it), let me know. The help tab takes you to our documentation page (were something there) from within FreePBX so it can be quite helpful for others.