Missing Lookup SCCP Cisco 7960&7961while dailing outbound

Good morning,

here is another topic with my asterisk ;o).

But first here the running setup again:

freepbx FOP
freepbx Framework
Ring Groups
mISDN for the Junnghanns Quadbri

sccp v2 with some Cisco 7960 and 7961

The topic is, that when im dailing a number outbound on my 7960 i ll see the dailed number in display twice. So i think the lookup went wrong.

On my 7961 i see in the display to description name of the phone “to Karl” and the internal line number in this case “105”.

hope with my bad english the topic is catchable for you. when not please ask for details, i try to get the needed informations to make an happy ending ;o)

Yes you are right im a real noob by using asterisk, but willing to learn alot.