Missing IVR

Hoping someone can help with the missing IVR option…

I’ve installed PBXIAF, applied updates for scripts and fixes. But there seems to be something missing; IVR options and recordings.

The documentation states - and shows - screenshots of both under FreePBX. I have no button marked “IVR”… how do I create and install an IVR???

Thinking it was because I had no recordings, I click on the relevant tab. It doesn’t display the screen shown in the docs. It opens a new browser, and prompts me for a userID and password. And none work (admin, root, maint, webmin, wwwadmin).

Which leads to a third thought… how and where does one create new users?

I have been trying to post these questions in the PIAF forums… but although I have registered, and activated the account… I’m not a member when I try to do anything there.


Don’t get me wrong, I am full of admiration towards open source and community development. But when the documentation is not in-sync with the software, it makes it much harder for people to use. Not all of use are Linux techies…!

Did you update and/or install the modules? Click on “Module Admin” on the top left and then “Check for Updates Online” and then “Download All” and then “Process.”

When you complete this process (and then the updates) a few times, until there is nothing left to do, you should have IVR options in your main screen.