Missing HTML5 format converters

Using FreePBX 13.0.1RC1.8 and the above notification came up in my dashboard yesterday, 9/16, after updating two or three modules that just came out with updates. Don’t remember what they were… one was framework as I do recall. (In searching the forums and good ol’ Google, nothing came up on this topic. I really do try to STF)!

This info message is pretty self explanatory BUT… what confuses me is this:

You are missing support for the following HTML5 codecs: Array.

What is an “Array” codec??

When you click the Resolve button it takes me to:


When the page loads it states the page I am looking for may have moved. Weird, but then below that it has another link for installing media conversion libraries, MP3, MP4, WAV and OGG and info on doing so.

When I delete the warning or info message in my dashboard, it still shows back up every time I enter my dashboard. Easy to ignore, not easy to delete as I don’t care about listening to files via my browser.

Three fold post; the odd “Array” word being used, the semi bad URL and it won’t delete and go away.

Thanks again for any thoughts!!!


Sorry the higher-ups decided to do a re-organization of the wiki.

Its not allowed to be deleted.

Fixing the array bit right now

Awesome and thank-you!

[quote=“tm1000, post:2, topic:31061, full:true”]

13.0.1RC1.10 is listed on GitHub as the latest version of framework (3 days ago), but it doesn’t show up in Module Admin nor in http://mirror.freepbx.org/modules/packages/freepbx/freepbx-13.0-latest.tgz.

Please advise.

I never said I published it. I just said “fixing”

Anyways. It’s published now.