Missing extension parameters


I have a 2.5 Freepbx (trixbox) with a strange problem, some extension parameters are missing for one extension.
The missing parameters are supposed to be in the “Device Options” (dtmfmode, canreinvite, context etc) part of the extension’s settings. I’ve tried deleting and creating the extension without success.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you are not creating a SIP extension.

Those options don’t show up until after the extension is created, saved and then gone back into.

trixbox project is abandoned and your FreePBX is very old. You need to upgrade to a current version to get support from the community.


It as a SIP extension allright,

I fixed the problem deleting the mysql entrys and astdb keys after deleting it in freepbx. After that the extension showed up correctly… go figure.

Anyway, thank you for the help and the tip about upgrading. It will happen soon, i hope. :slight_smile: