Missed calls on hungup don't show in queue

Hello everyone,

Here is my conundrum. I’m using a queue and when one phone picks up and incoming call, all other phones show “missed call”. I enabled the queue feature “Mark calls answered elsewhere”, but that COMPLETELY disables missed calls, even when someone is waiting in the queue and hungsup, the missed call is never recorded on the phones.

So, either I end up with “99 missed calls” on the phones, or the missed calls feature is completely disabled.

Anyone knows if there is a middle solution, that would allow the phones not to record missed calls when a call has been picked up by another extension, but still record missed calls when someone hungs up while in the queue?

Thank you!

I doubt that there is currently.

The problem you’re going to run into (from my perspective) is that there’s no way for the instrument to know which is which.

With the “Mark Calls Answered Elsewhere” feature is off, if the call rings and isn’t answered, it’s a missed call. With the feature on, when the call is terminated (for any reason) it is marked as “answered somewhere else”. That’s kind of super-obvious, I know, but the point is that from the phone’s perspective, it doesn’t matter why the call went away, it just did.

So, since the flag is “on/off”, the behavior is as well.

To change that behavior is probably doable (I’ve been doing this long enough that the things we can do don’t amaze me any more) but you are going to have to submit a feature request and provide a lot of details if you want to get something on the phones that indicates this “third state” of queue performance.

Note that “abandoned calls” are already tracked in several modules that rely on CEL, so it might not be a phone feature you want at all. There was a “call center manager” thing that one of the users here posted last week that might get you to your destination. You might also want to look at some of the queue metrics modules (I think there’s still a commercial module for that) to give yourself some real-time performance information.


First of all thank you for your detailed reply, much appreciated.

Indeed the “Mark Calls Answered Elsewhere” is a bit misleading, since its not only about “answered” calls but it also blocks real “missed” calls as well, that never got answered. Maybe a bug report could be opened that would change this into “Disable missed calls”, which is what it is in practice.

Unfortunately, I am already involved in too many open source projects to add yet another one, so I’ll probably keep my system as is and occasionally clear the many missed calls log by hand (which are actually not missed, just picked from another handset).

Thank you for taking the time to answer in detail to me.