Missed calls on groups hops


Ring group 1 , extensions 201 and 202 , destination if no answer : Ring group 2
Ring group 2 , extensions 201, 202 and 203

Despite “Mark Answered Elsewhere” on both groups , when call leaves group 1 a missed call notification is sent to phones.

Is there any workaround to avoid this, as call is still unanswered ?

Any idea ?
Just to know if behavior (missed call to group members when another destination is chosen by no answer) is correct , so no way to override this.

You would have to ask yourself, “Did my RIng Group not answer the call and send it somewhere else” , if it did , would it not be reasonable to call it a ‘missed call’ :wink:

(You can get cleverer by post-call analyzing the CEL records against the CDR records,)

Well, I don’t know asterisk philosophy behind missed call…

The “mark answered elsewhere” is a great improvement as group members are no longer overwhelmed by “missed call” notifications.

When call leaves group because of timeout , it’s still “alive” and unanswered but not lost, does have sense that phones receive a notification even if someone else (an extension, another group etc.) has answered “elsewhere” ??
Because this is the current behavior here…
Should a system-wide “answered elsewhere” mark be added ?

That’s why I suggested you explore the CEL data, when an endpoint sends the call somewhere else, it won’t know if it was eventually answered, the CEL and CDR records are ‘associated’ on the ‘linkedid’, this allows you to chase a call from beginning to end.

This all sounds good, but nobody to my knowledge come up with a robust schema for covering ‘everything’ (not surprisingly) . If you have a specific use case perhaps you can fully define it .

Your suggestion sounds good, however, I thought my scenario was a well-covered situation , so I was expecting an answer like “no you can’t get rid of notification” rather than “this is the workaround”.

Basically I need phone A+B ringing for 10 seconds then ADD phone C and eventually phone D later, and no notifications as call still knoks at the phones…
Perhaps other (better) ways than ring group sequences exist ??

Under this scenario, ‘you can’t get rid of notification.’

Lots of cascaded queues might fit you better.

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