Missed calls notifications

Hi Guys,

Got an easy one maybe, Not quite sure.

We recently changed from a cloud PBX and went over to the Free PBX, We use to get an email notification on a missed call only when missed by all devices. Im currently getting notifications even if answered from another handset, and its shows that we have 2 missed calls from our other 2 handsets.

I have already selected answered elsewhere in the missed calls settings. With no luck. We are currently running Yea Link T46-U

Is there someway this can be done without having to purchase ad ons? Or is it my only option?

Apoligies as im no technical expert just trying to get something sorted as my current IT seems to be useless


I’m having the exact same problem. There is some post referencing the problem:


It refers to a newly created issue-tracker entry:


As the issue tracker was shut down (and also doesn’t seem to be out there in a migrated form on github yet), it is currently impossible to tell the status and whether it is being worked on or not.

Maybe someone can tell us the current state of the ticket?

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