Missed calls, filtering callback report and dashboard issues

  1. Missed call issues- The asternic report keeps showing a huge number of missed calls on some specific agents extensions. These missed calls don’t terminate at the agents’ end…Meaning the calls doesn’t even get to ring at the end but it shows as missed calls.

  2. Flexible dashboard- we would like a dashboard that shows all the customized metrics in real time.

  3. Call response Time- We would like to get the response time right from when a caller calls in till when the call gets to the queue and terminates at the agents extension. What are currently able to capture is the response time from when the call gets to the queue. Is there any module or adds on for this?

  4. Agents receiving calls while on a call- While on a call, agents still have calls come to their extension in form of multiple calls at a time.This indirectly affects our response time and return as missed calls.

  5. Filter for the callback report- We need to be able to filter the callback report for a specific time frame, the feature isn’t available on the callback report.

Your contributions would be appreciated.

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