Missed call on all extensions

I have a ring group of 4 extensions. When a call comes in the call is answered by extension 1.
On the screen of extension 2, 3 & 4 it shows as a missed call despite the fact that the call was answered by extension 1.
All extension are Yealink 46G’s
Is there anyway to avoid the missed call notification on 3 extensions?

This is a phone-specific problem…the Sangoma D&S-series phones do fine (except for the D80). Some Cisco phones (SIP-firmware) have a problem depending on the firmware version.
Some phones, which are supposed to be compatible with Asterisk, still cannot handle the call-completed-elsewhere. Don’t know about Yealink…

Confirm that your Ring Group has Mark Answered Elsewhere set, and that you are not overriding this at the extension (with Follow Me, etc.)

If you still have trouble, at the Asterisk command prompt type
pjsip set logger on
sip set debug on
according to extension type, paste the log for an improperly handled call at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

If he sets “answered elsewhere” in the ring group to yes, isn’t every call always handled as answered by one of the extensions? What he wants is that only the non-answered calls (by none of the extensions) are displayed on the phones. In the Digium/Sangoma D-series xml-files the feature is called hide_completed_elsewhere=1.

That may be a bug (I didn’t test it), but the tool tip says “Should calls indicate answered elsewhere when a user answers.” and it worked some years ago when I used ring groups.

Now, I use Follow Me instead, so the call rings first at the person expected to answer. If unanswered after e.g. 8 seconds, it starts ringing the other phones. I feel that it’s better that most calls avoid disturbing multiple people, even though it adds 8 seconds to the wait time of a few callers. I suppose you might have a more aggressive strategy for VIP callers.

I never saw any different behavior with my phones, when I switched the “answered elsewhere” on in a ring group. My Digium/Sangoma D65s do it without the ring group feature, just based on the xml-file-setting (hide_completed_elsewhere) automatically.
With my Cisco 8961s only a very old SIP-firmware can handle “call_completed_elsewhere”, the newer firmware versions are completely agnostic of other phones answering a call.
In theory, what does the “answered elsewhere” setting in a ring group do? I think it’s broken…

I just tested a Ring Group with two extensions.

With M.A.E. off, if the call is unanswered, both extensions show missed (correct). If the call is answered, the other extension shows missed (unwanted behavior).

With M.A.E. on, if the call is unanswered, both extensions show missed (correct). If the call is answered, the other extension does not show missed (desired behavior).

So AFAICT, the option works as advertised.

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Brilliant…Problem solved…It does not seem to be phone specific.
I didnt even know that the setting existed within Ringgroups
Many thanks

Funny thing is that on my system with D65 phones and answered-elsewhere OFF (ring group), when somebody answers the other extensions dont show a missed call. Only when nobody answers missed calls are displayed on all phones. The phones use a xml-config file. Thanks Stewart1 for your test results. It seems to be phone specific after all…

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