Missed Call Notification Module?

I would love to see some movement on this module for 10.13.66-13. I was able to change the delimiter as you did above, but still no email.
This feature would be very helpful to my organization.

I installed this module but it didn’t work
freepbx 12 asterisk 13.12.1

I installed the module on freepbx 13 and it seems to work :

  • for group calls i added the email address using the cli
  • for normal extension i enabled the module via web gui but it works only if the extension has the voicemail enabled

is it possible to have it working without having to enable the voicemail ?


Hi tunibbles,

Can you share where did you get the module, how did you install it?


I haven’t looked at the module very closely (as in I gave it a cursory glance) and since it seems to use the Voicemail logic to perform, I’m thinking it’s going to need a VM account to continue processing.

and of course having voicemail for an account dosn’t mean you hsve to use it :slight_smile:

I had this module installed, had some trouble with FM calls, uninstalled it.

I would add a feature to this module to differentiate between direct calls amd calls from a Queue/Ring Group. (we had a client that only wanted direct calls alerts)

That is the problem with the module and FreePBX dialplan. Calls from ring groups and queues are easier to solve but once you have follow me enabled missed call notifications become really hard. We started a module 2 years ago with all the controls and gave up as to many corner cases and @tm1000 was ready to kill me.

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But can’t you release a module, that will clearly say “Not supported for Follow Me calls”?

I think that unanswered Follow Me calls should be a next step… But at least we should have an option to get alerts for standard users.


Ya not usually how we work as it needs to work for all types or calls or will become bug and support nightmare. Sorry.


i was looking for a fresh topic to ask, is there any way to get extension or user email from variable from the asterisk cli to make this work ?

exten => s,1,NoOp(Entering user defined context [send-email] in extensions_custom.conf)
exten => s,n,System(echo ‘Call from ${CALLERID(name)} at ${CALLERID(number)}’ | mail -s ‘SUBJECT’ ‘$EMAIL VARIABLE HERE [email protected]’)
exten => s,n,hangup()

Hi All,

I was using http://svn.freepbx.org/contributed_modules/modules/missedcallnotify/ module in Freepbx 13 by uploading the .gz module manually. Unfortunately now I cannot find such a file to upload.

I found Browse FreePBX-Contributed / missedcallnotify - FreePBX GIT but not sure how to install it with Freepbx 15.

Can someone help me?