mISDN on Stable-1.817.210.62 (64bit)


Hopfully someone maybe able to help me. I’m trying to install mISDN. I have an OpenVox b400P card.

I have seen some other postings saying i need to run “yum install misdn” however it says no package is available.

Any ideas?



Well, we don’t know what kind of system you have so hard to know what to say.

You posted in the FreePBX forum, FreePBX doesn’t have anything to do with the misdn package.

If you are running the FreePBX distro (a complete distribution including FreePBX) then you should post in the proper forum channel.

You always need to supply system information when asking for help so we don’t have to ask you these questions.

Think I may have solved my own problem.

I needed to look at DAHDI.

For anyone with the same problem you must blacklist hfcmulti in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

then run:
modprobe dahdi
modprobe wcb4xxp

Then Reboot.

Again, when posting this help you need to identify what type of system this was.

You should not have to do this on the FreePBX distro. What type of system was this?


I should have posted this is the distro forum. My mistake.

I think i was getting myself in a mess originality because I have just replaced a trixbox system. When I configured that trixbox system 3years ago I remember I had to install and config mISDN… Things have moved on to DAHDI.

In the setup i discovered (eventually) my PCI card was getting detected in the “modprobe dahdi” as a “hfcmulti”. Upon blacklisting the hfcmulti. The correct driver was used after a reboot.