Misc Used Phones for sale

I have a bunch of misc used phones and a few new in boxes from customers as we face lift them and upgrade their services from different acquisitions we have done in the past year.

Send me a PM with quantity, model and price offer. No reasonable offer will be ignored. We will charge for actual shipping cost via UPS and box them up for you.

All hardware is in working condition and comes with phone, handset, handset cord and base.

I currently have the following items and will update this as more phones come in;

22 Polycom IP 550
4 Polycom IP 650
2 Polycom IP 670
6 Polycom VVX 310
5 Polycom IP 335
4 Polycom/Obi 302. New in box.
1 Polycom IP 450
1 Polycom IP 5000
1 Polycom IP 650
2 Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module New in Box still
39 Yealink 38G
13 Yealink T42G *** SOLD
19 Yealink T48G *** SOLD

2 Yealink T23G. New in box still
2 Yealink T21P E2. New in box still
1 Yealink T19P E2. New in box still
6 Yealink W52P Dect Base stations
4 Yealink W56P Dect Base stations
5 Yealink W52H Dect Handsets. 4 of them with charging pads.
4 Yealink W56H Dect Handsets. 3 of them with charging pads.
12 Cisco SPA 525G
1 Cisco SPA 504G
2 Cisco SPA 508G
5 Cisco SPA 2102. New in box still
11 Cisco SPA 3102
4 Cisco SPA 2102
2 Cisco SPA 232D

Updated list after some items sold.

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