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Misc Destinations not working

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(Md King) #1

Hi, I’m having an issue with freepbx. I migrated over from an older freepbx setup, to a new setup with the same versions of asterisk and freepbx. “[root@freepbx ~]# asterisk -V Asterisk 13.22.0” and “FreePBX 14.0.11”. The misc destinations show up, but when I go to the inbound routes, and click on one of the inbound destinations that point to the misc destination, I see an error that the module is not found.

(Md King) #2

I can click on misc destinations and see destinations there, but when I click on the destination link from the inbound routes, it shows that the module doesn’t exist.

(TheJames) #3

what is in the address bar?

(Md King) #4 <-- changed actual domain, but the endpoint is exact

(TheJames) #5

This should be /config.php?display=miscdests&view=form&id=9

if that is how it is generated that is a bug.

(Md King) #6

Oh man… do I get a price or something for finding it… ;). All kidding aside, what would be a solution here?

(TheJames) #7

It is generated by the module. So you submit a bug report and it gets fixed in the module.

(Md King) #8

Ok, thank you. I opened the bug, but not sure if there are any guidelines in how to.

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