Misc destinations and call forwarding with wildcards

I currently am using the misc destination in Freepbx 1.8.13 (built and compiled from tarballs) feature so that when a user dials extension 200, the call gets forwarded to a SIP number located on a different server (1777xxxxxxx), which works quite well, but I wonder if there is any way to use wildcards with call forwarding; as in, if the person calling in dials any extension in the 2xx range, the call gets forwarded. I know I can do this manually, but I’d have to add each extension in the 2xx range that I’d want to forward to the 1777xxxxxxx number manually in the misc destination app, and was wondering if there was a faster and easier way to do this. If anyone can help me out, and needs more information regarding my setup, I’d appreciate it a lot.