Misc Destination to External Auto Attendant

Asterisk/FreePBX 13

I have a AVST voicemail system and am experimenting with different ways to route the call to a users AVST mailbox on busy.

One method involves dialing an internal number that brings me to the AVST auto attendant, promoting me to enter the box number (extension) I wish to leave a message with. I can enter the box number, then leave the message. The problem is it is all manual.

I thought what I could do is enter a misc. destination to the AVST auto attendant, pause, then automatically enter the box for the user, but when I try to do this via misc. destination module in FreePBX, I receive the “call cant be processed at this time” message.

External AVST Auto Attendant: 9999999999
AVST voicemail box I want to leave a message on: 888888

What do I need to input on the misc. destination to generate the pause?

I’ve tried:

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you need a custom context that will “play DTMF” to the AVST once you get it connected.

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