Misc destination to cell phone working but without recording files

Hi All,

I finished the configuration to forward call at night to a cell phone number (hotline service) by using Misc Destination. It works but there is no recording files in the system. I checked the outbound route carefully, the Recording option is Allow. How can I have recording files for this kind of forwarding calls to outside?

Thank you.

not sure about your specific use case, normally i would forward through a given extension’s settings rather than the main inbound line. in any case “Allow” will wait for user trigger to begin recording. in order to record all calls you need to use “Force”

Hi jhelou,
There are 4 options of Call Recording:

  • Allow
  • Record on answer
  • Record immediately
  • Never
    My case, when incoming calls reach to destination:
  • if in working time --> go to queue
  • destination if time does not match --> Misc destination
    I tried to set “destination if time does not match” to reach to an extension with optional destinations: no answer, busy, not reachable both --> Misc destination but not working. Can you give me any advice?

your setup would work but still “Allow” is to enable the user to record by pressing *1 not sure if this would work when you press *1 from an external number (i.e cell phone) to record calls you can try “Record on answer” or “Record immediately” but then you would also be recording calls that are not forwarded to the cell. if you want to just record cell calls create another outbound route and force recording and use it for after-hours forwarding

Thank you so much Joseph. I will change to “Record immediately” and let you know the result by tommorrow. Appreciate for your help :slight_smile:

It works perfectly. Thank you so much Joseph :slight_smile: Nice weekend bro