Misc Destination in Inbound Route not working

I tried to use a Misc Destination that point to an external phone number in an inbound route and I get no audio.
If I replace the Misc Destination with a ring group with the external number as the only number in the ring group, everything is fine. I will leave it that way because it works fine, but I lost a lot of time searching for the issue.

Is there a reason why a Misc Destination directly in an Inbound Route would cause a “no audio” issue VS a misc destination in an Ring Group or IVR works fine ? I guess it’s probably related to the fact that with and a Ring Group or IVR, the FreePBX generates some audio before the call is redirected externally.

I would guess your router is blocking RTP inbound: SIP Port Forwarding

You are right, RTP ports are not open in the router (the FreePBX is on site). It always worked fine this way so I never opened the ports. With an IVR or Ring Group, the FreePBX generates audio so the connection is initiated from the FreePBX side. With a Misc Destination, no audio is generated so the connection is not established from the FreePBX side, incoming audio packets are therefore blocked by the router. I’m not sure I’m explaining this correctly but I think I understand the issue. Thank you.


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