Misc Applications with other DID number

Hi, I’ve created a Misc destination to a movile. When the call is transfered, the mobile show the number of FreePBX, not who called.

Example: I’ve the 999999999 movile number, i call to the 888888888 (freepbx) where i’ve the misc destination and it is transfered to 777777777. On 777777777 appears the number 888888888 (freepbx) and I want the 999999999.

Does your provider allow any CID

I think yes. Maybe its an option of freepbx/asterisk¿

Can you post a call log?


You have to set the call to go through a SetCallerID Destination to set the caller ID to the caller ID of the original call. There are also a couple of PJ-SIP settings that you can enable that carry the original caller ID forward. The CID Destination needs to be set up one-for-one for each of the destinations, so if you can get the PJ-SIP settings squared away, you should be good to go.

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